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Kiwi Aerial Shots is a Dutch drone company based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). We have certified drones and pilots and have a  team with a great diversity of skills. This way we can always act fast and really understand the workflow in small and big film productions. If you have any questions regarding the use of one or even multiple of our drones, pilot’s and camera’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you need a professional Dutch drone team for your  shoot, you’ve come to the right place!


For film and TV series we mostly fly an ARRI Alexa Mini or one of the RED cameras underneath our Matrice600 of Kiwi X8 drone


We fly RED, ARRI Alexa and DJI cameras all over the world. We make these professional drones shots with our Matrice600 and Kiwi X8 drone


We have flown our cameras for Armin van Buren, rapper Bizzey and the famous Dutch music artist Willem for his music video 'Houten pak'.


We have made drone footage for tv series of Netflix, Discovery Channel, the BBC and National Geographic


Our drone services have contributed to many corporate videos. From real estate to yacht builders, we have done it all!
Corporate drone video



We have experience with some of the most extreme sports events. Racing, kite surfing, sailing, you name it!

Drones and cameras


At Kiwi Aerial Shots we have a workshop great diversity of drones, cameras and technical equipment. For the bigger drone productions, we work with heavier payloads for which we fly our Matrice600 or heavy lifter: The Kiwi X8 drone. With the X8 drone, we can lift payloads up to 10KG.

For some of the drone productions its faster and easier to fly our DJI Inspire 2 drone with X7 or X5s camera. Next to these drones, we make custom parts and rigs in our fully equipped workshop. This means we can provide in special aerial shot requests. Read more about this on our Technics page. For more information about our drones and cameras, check our Drones and Camera page.

Kiwi X8 Drone

This power of these drone engines gives us the possibility to fly almost every camera setup underneath a drone. Our Kiwi X8 has a maximum take-off weight of 32KG!

Drones and Cameras
Fully certified

Kiwi Aerial Shots is a so-called ROC certified drone company which means we can get exemptions to fly in every possible air space. Next to this, we work with certified RPA-L and officialy tested and certified drones.

About Kiwi
Camera setups and Payload

All our gimbals are equipped with multiple D-tap connections to add extra's like a lightweight follow focus to the setup.

Drones & Cameras
DJI Inspire 2 with X7 or X5s

The DJI Inspire 2 is a commonly used drone that we use for all sorts of productions. We fly the Inspire 2 with a X7 or X5s, depending on your whishes.

Drones and Cameras
Professional drone team

We work with fully certified pilots and professional camera operators. We have multiple in house drone teams so we are always able to deliver!

About Kiwi
Globally active

We travel across the globe to make aerial shots for all sorts of film productions. We have the knowledge, the network and experience to get the best aerial shots from Fiji to the France Alpes.

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9 years of experience

After years of regular camera and technical experience, we are now flying our drones for more than 9 years. This combination makes us able to deliver the best possible drone shot to any production!

About Kiwi

Drone protfolio

After nine years, we’ve built a portfolio we are truly proud of. Below you can see some videos for which Kiwi Aerial Shots made the drone footage. As said, we have worked for all kinds of productions. From a music video for Armin van Buren, to the Chapter One movie with among others Richard Branson. To see more of our portfolio you can go to our portfolio page or contact us directly so we can send you specific drone footage that matches your request.

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drone portfolio
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Certified drone company

ROC certified drones and RPA-L pilots

Regarding the Dutch drone regulations, we have all the knowledge you need to know. Together with our certified drones and RPA-L certified pilots we can get exemptions on locations that others can’t get. We can fly in the harbor of Rotterdam or in the airspace of Amsterdam. We have the info to contact air traffic control in all the different airspaces in the Netherlands. Get in touch when you have a question about certain parts of the country and we can inform you about the possibilities.

Special drone exemptions

As we are a fully certified drone company we can get special exemptions like flying at night or city center locations as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

About kiwi

For the so-called CTR (controlled traffic regions) within the Dutch airspace, we have to send out a NOTAM before we can start our drone flight. This 'Notice To Airmen' is part of our pre-production and we can always inform you about.

About kiwi

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  • Today we had a drone shoot in the city center of Rotterdam. Because of Rotterdam Airport, flying a drone in this airspace requires special certificates and permits for both us as a drone company, the pilot and the drone itself. Next to that we have to work wit a so called radio transmission operator, an RT. This operator is in direct contact with the tower of Rotterdam airport to get permission for take off. But if you have all the right certifications and airspace knowledge like we do, you can make drone footage in spots like these! . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #CTRRotterdam #droneshots #Rotterdam #010 #ROC #RT #RPAL #dronecertificates #drones #kiwi
  • Check out our new Kiwi Aerial Shots workshop! Twice as big as the old one and still at our favorite location near the NDSM in Amsterdam. Lot's todo before our new projects will roll out of this new Kiwi office but its gonna be awesome! We'll keep you posted and feel free to come by for a sneak peak! . . . #kiwiaerialshots #newoffice #amsterdam #noord #workshop #drones
  • Back on the ground again after a nice @cineflex shoot for one of our customers. Flying over Amsterdam is always nice, especially with these weather conditions! . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #helicoptershoot #cineflex #aerialshots #aerialcinematography #REDcamera #Elite #amsterdam
  • Check this behind the scenes video of our 1000W Drone lighting shoot for @m_naerk and there 'Welcome to Eindhoven' shoot for PSV/Puma! If you want to see the whole behind the scenes video, check our drone lighting page on our Kiwi website (link in Bio). . Props for @m_naerk, making the whole production work, filming at four different locations in one night! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 . Big thanks to @dijkman_pim for making this great Behind the Scene video! (camera and edit) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #dronelightingsystem #behindthescenes #DroneLED #drones #psv #puma #tvc #videoproduction #droneatnight #eindhoven #droneporn #nextlevel #1000W #matrice600 #DJI #Ledlights #videomakers #droneshoot #Kiwi
  • IT'S OUT! The new TVC about Puma as a new sponsor of @psv. The video is produced by @m_naerk and they asked us to fly our self build 1000W Drone Lighting system. Later this week we will launch a behind the scene video of this awesome production. For more info about our system, check our drone lighting page on our website, direct link in bio. . . . #kiwiaerialshots #dronelightingsystem #tvc #psv #eindhoven #klokgebouw #psvstadion #puma #1000W #LEDdrone #drones #dji #LEDlighting #dronelighting #instadrone #droneporn #stratusleds #psveindhoven #drone #kiwi
  • 2019 was a big year for Kiwi with lots of big drone and helicopter productions and internally we made some big steps with new gear, new employees and new drone, and company licences. From what we can see now, 2020 will not be any different. With an upcoming new office and a brand new Kiwi van, we have a solid base to focus on even bigger and more challenging projects. Bigger than a custom made 24K helicopter rig? Bigger than a 1800W moving LED drone lighting system?  Why not! Challenge us, we are here to realise your unrestricted aerial cinematography requests!!! . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #2020 #newyear #newprojects #cinematography #aerialshots #droneproductions #drones #ArriAlexa #REDcamera #helicopterproductions #custompeoductions #aerialcinematography #challenges #videoproduction #kiwi
  • Last year we we're filming an insane Dutch tradition for National Geographic. The construction of two gigantic, new years eve bonfires. These shots were part of the latest 'Europe from above' series of NatGeo for which we filmed most of the Dutch episode. As these 48 meters high bonfires got out of control, last year was probably the last time they were allowed and so this tradition is over. Good thing we were there to document it for National Geographic. . . . #kiwiaerialshots #nationalgeographic #scheveningen #bonfire #vreugdevuur #tradition #tvs #drones #netherlands #europefromabove #kiwi
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